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SoWcial Media!

...a few current and former clients

 ​SOWcial Media Marketing Management
...scattering seeds of growth hither and yon!

Is your head spinning trying to figure it all out?
Frustrated trying to just keep up?

Have you set up one or more social media sites that sits, unmanaged and lonely?
And do you understand you are missing out on succe$$fully reaching your current customers and new markets online and keeping them engaged and buying?

What do you do when visiting an outdated, unattended page, with info and pictures from months, even years ago? Leave it, right?
Perhaps you wonder if they are even still in business?
Just like you cultivate your fields and nurture your products,
your online presence needs the same tending, or it will wilt and die!
Worry no more... Wendy to the rescue!!! 

As a gal who has successfully managed her own companies online
for 2+ decades ​and is a graduate of the
North Carolina State University's Social Media Management Program,
Wendy offers her expertise to clients, specializing primarily in
North Carolina edibles, small farms, restaurants and related entities.
However, services are not exclusive of those, so please contact Wendy
if your particular business is of another genre.

After consulting with you, then completing a comprehensive assessment of your online presence, Wendy will propose and implement an engaging social media plan across platforms relevant to your product, farm or business... from scratch,
or by fine-tuning what you already have in place...
​then, magically manage it all for you, while you tend to what you know best,
...your crops, product development, manufacturing, networking
and your many day-to-day operations
giving you a little more time with your family, and peace of mind this is handled!

Posts and engagement will be tailored to reach all your audiences in a strategic, relevant and meaningful way... not just talk to be talking.
Hashtags will be used... and sharing with and tagging other customers, vendors and community folk will be a part of your managed plan to encourage reciprocal sharing. And "tone" you have established for your business will be carried throughout.  Managed profiles include...
​...facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, google+, linkedin

​​​​Services offered...

~ initial consultation and needs assessment ~

~ comprehensive review of client's online presence ~

~ plan proposal ~
~ implementation and management ~
~ analytics monitoring ~

Other Marketing Services offered...

~ web page development & management ~
​~ brand reputation management ~
~ strategic alliance recommendations ~

~ newsletter development & management ~
...creation, branding design, implementation & editing
...development of strategic editorial content and publication calendar

~ recipe creation using your product(s) ~
~ mini-cookbook creation and editing with your recipes ~
~ printed materials (ex. recipe cards) ~
~ food photography & styling of your product(s) ~
~ product spokesperson @ events ~
...including demos, samplings/tastings @ your farm, markets & festivals
...see Squash Blossom Vintage Camper page

​~ visual merchandising recommendations for market booths ~
​...sensory design, signage, collateral materials, co-marketing with others
~ coordination and management of farm weddings & events
...see Farm Frolics Page for details

$ales Growth $trategie$

Wendy is an industry trend-watcher, and incorporates fresh new ideas coming 'round the bend accordingly for each individual client's needs This could be suggestion of a new added-value product with their farm commodities, ways for existing products to add to their line, or perhaps co-market
with ​another North Carolina producer.

She keeps eyes open for niche opportunities, and presents to clients,
incorporating into their social media and marketing plan as well.

​​Did I miss anything?
"Do you have needs beyond what I have mentioned?  I'm an 'outside-the-box' gal, so I'm delighted to entertain other possibilities too.
I have an idea factory in my head, which is why I don't sleep much,
​so give me an idea and let me run with it!