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Flavor NC Table Grapes and Muscadines my vintage cookhouse

We all need a happy place... a grown-up play space...
and this is mine!

My rustic vintage screened cookhouse is just steps outside my kitchen door, but takes me to another place and time when I'm there... I have my maternal grandma's stove (top image), with top and bottom ovens ...and it looks and works like new!
My paternal grandma had an outdoor cookhouse tucked inside a barn, much more simple than mine, and I remember going in there with her where she cooked stews in huge cast iron vats... and even had a big pot where she washed some clothes.
Thank God we progressed beyond having to do that!
Memories of that space and my enjoyment of camping and cooking outdoors were my inspirations for this cookhouse.  Even the exterior of my cookhouse features wood slats salvaged from inside my material grandma's house my sister recently renovated. I feel like I'm getting big hugs from both my grandma's in this special place.  

I have styled photo shoots in it, tested magazine and grocery store cooking contest entries (and picked the winners), filmed an episode of UNC-TV's PBS Show Flavor, NC there (that showcased several muscadine grape recipes I created for them), taught nekkid cooking classes and entertained friends. I love just going out there and cooking supper, and listening to the birds chirping or hearing my farm neighbor's animals chatting.

My philosophy on many things fits here...
"If it was good enough for grandma it's good enough for me!"

Wendy Perry

culinary adventurist