...propped and styled 
      photography by Felecia Perry @ FoodSeen

Now that my photography has been published monthly for a year in a magazine AND I shot my first magazine cover, 1 week post-op foot surgery on crutches and knee scooter mind you, I have decided to venture out and offer some photography services while taking private classes with a master retired photographer! I look forward to honing my skills as I find I love learning more about this art. 

...prepared, propped and styled

Clients have included...
Carolina Country Magazine ~ Mann Media/Our State Magazine ~ Lowes Foods
Flavor NC ~ Walmart Employee Magazine ~ Dole
​My Carolina Today Show ~ YC Media for Rebecca Lang Book Tour
​Food Seen-Felicia Perry Photography ~ Touring Chef for Dole Foods
L&M Produce Company​ ~ Goldies Onions ~ Bone Suckin Sauce
Down Home Magazine ~ Dole/Almond Breeze
George's BBQ Sauce ~ Creekside Farm ~ Vollmer Farm ~ MAE Farm
Wendy's Home Economics! Blog ~ Anonymous Clients

Wendy Perry

culinary adventurist

...recipes created. propped, styled and photographed

...Food & Prop Styling and photography

My work has been seen in magazines (ads and editorial), created for chefs on cookbook tours and food companies... on web sites, social media, print publications, food products and tv productions large and small. My prop collection is extensive and available for rental to clients. Depending on the shots and style needed, often prop fees are included with styling.​

wendy@wendyperry.com     919.404.8526

​​In 2011, I joined Our State Magazine as recipe tester/preparer for a new monthly section they were launching featuring church and community cookbooks from across North Carolina. Until then, I had never "styled" food in my life. Now I had surely tried in my own kitchen, but I knew nothing.

From the first shoot of the first month of those 5 years, including many fun extra projects, including being sole judge and recipe tester of annual cooking contests in collaboration with Lowes Foods, I got the best "on the job" hands-on education a gal could be so lucky to get! I worked with a well-seasoned photographer and several art directors over the years, each with their unique styles and "eye" for capturing the "Our State look." It was, at times, challenging to often change directions from these different folks, but it did teach me to bend... and the art of patience, a LOT of patience. Something I have sometimes struggled with. I admit, I wondered, but not anymore, why a piece of pie needed shooting 200 times!  Most of all, I've learned that food styling isn't a glamorous job that I imagined before actually DOing it... but it is an art. And I have learned that not all food styling is my style. And that I can't be a stylist for all. But I can be for many. So perhaps I can be for you?  If you like what you see, let's chat!