Wendy Perry

culinary adventurist

I do love judging cooking contests, NC food product contests and anything remotely close to such!  Over the years, I have had lots of fun invitations and opportunities to do just that!  From the NC State Fair daily cooking contests, festivals across our state, small local ones... to being the sole "behind the scenes" judge to narrow down hundreds of entries to Our State Magazine/Lowes Foods annual contests (who then got to test and pick winner too), I have seen and tasted some of just about everything!  And a few things have been put before me that there was just NO WAY was going in my mouth. I do have some limitations, and when I can detect obvious food safety issues..., it just ain't happening!

So if you ever have need for a guinea pig, I might just be your gal. Or, I might not. I will tell you right here and now, there are a few things I can NOT and will NOT do, and this girl will never ever be a goat cheese tester!  No.Can.Do.

So here's to my next judging culinary adventure... I can hardly wait to see where it takes me! We have so many tasty foods and events where they are featured from our coast to our mountains, and I'm always sitting on G.O., just waiting for your invite to giddy up and hit the road!

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