Local Food Brands Offer Recipes for Success

How NC entrepreneurs are making small
​food brands big business

Carolina Country Magazine  2020

I do love to put pen to paper and write about my culinary adventures...
or just about things I come across, or memories from my past,
or just fun and interesting stuff that flies through this head of mine.
I have more to share so stay tuned... here are a few things to get you started.

Should there be opportunity to write for your online or print publications, organization or event, ​it would be my pleasure to chat about that.
I can also assist with editorial commentary for products and
recipe headnotes as well as help with technical instructions
for consumer products, because lord knows,
so many of those surely need help!

Crab Pot Christmas Trees
​Carolina Country Magazine  2020

wendy@wendyperry.com     919.404.8526

Carolina Country Magazine  2017

​Coastal Review Online 2015

Sweet, Syrupy Goodness

A culinary adventure following sorghum from field to biscuit

Carolina Country Magazine 

September 2021

North Carolina's
Eastern Living Magazine 2015

...the clothesline

"Wendy is a regular (and valued) contributor to Carolina Country magazine. I learned early on that our readers take food seriously, and our recipes section is hailed as a reader favorite time and time again. I can trust that Wendy's recipes will be accurate, creative and (most importantly) delicious. And her food photography is first-rate! She often pitches great story ideas from around the state -- not necessarily food-related. Her folksy, approachable personality shines through in her feature writing, which always resonates with readers."

Scott Gates ~ Senior Editor
Carolina Country Magazine

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