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"A series of step-by-step instructions for preparing with ingredients you forgot to buy, using utensils you don't own,
to make a dish even the dog won't eat”

...Nekkid Throw Cooking!

Wendy Perry

because "undressed tastes best!"

If God had intended us to follow recipes,
He wouldn't have given us grandmothers.

~Linda Henley

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​​Nekkid you say?  
​Yep... good, unadulterated unprocessed food, 
just the way God gave it to us.

And what's "throw cooking?"
Doing like grandma did... pulling out what cha' got and throwing it together to fix a meal.

The idea here is for you to get confident in cooking without a recipe.

I try to coach and encourage folks who dare not cook without a recipe to do just that...

and take their fears away.

Ask yourself... what's the worst that can happen?
You end up with something you might not want to eat again?  On the other side...

you might just create something you love... and cook over and over.

The only 2 things I know of that can't be repaired and needs tossing?
Over salting... and burning!

Just remember, if you do have a mishap, you've only managed to mess up

just what's in that pot of disaster... not all the food in your kitchen!

So go open your fridge... dig in your pantry...

pull out stuff that needs using and throw something together!

And come ask questions... share pictures of your nekkid throw cook'n

​and have some fun in my facebook community!