My first little cookbook....

'Twas a long time ago when I did my first cookbook, a complication of Perry family favorites. Back then, I was just a "recipe creating virgin" and so mostly what I contributed were very few of my own recipes.

Fast forward... to many years, recipes and culinary adventures later, with recipes galore of my own, and folks begging me for a cookbook!

Now mind you, I'm a "throw cooker" and find it a tad challenging to put my "thrown together" recipes on paper, but I have started doing that, for my cookbook and for those who cringe in terror at the idea of cooking without a recipe!

I have no idea if this will even be the "name" of my cookbook once my adventure is completed, but for now, this is where I'm starting.

If you want me to "throw" you a note as things progress and when a book is actually in a sellable format, click here and send me a note to let me know and I will throw you onto my newsletter mailing list!


The State of My Plate Cookbook
Nekkid Throw Cook'n!

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